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Our support for you


In order to meet the continuously increasing requirements of the market, our core tasks include the development of innovative products and production optimisation.

Our team of high-skilled developers coordinates complex tasks in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

ODENWALD offers a complete support for development projects in close coordination with you, our client.

In permanent coordination with the Technical Sales, Design Engineering, Production and Toolmaking Departments, we provide support for development projects, from the quotation to the realisation of prototypes and series products.

Design Engineering

Our design engineers combine production technology options with our customers’ specific component requirements. In cooperation with the Development and Sales Departments, our customers’ development projects are implemented in a constructive way.

In order to ensure the system compatibility with all our customers, ODENWALD uses CATIA V5 and V4.2, UG/NX3 as well as neutral formats like IGES and Step.

A secure data transfer is ensured with direct data lines to our customers.



Our innovative Prototyping Department is capable of producing series-oriented sample parts at short notice, which allows our customers to perform effective installation trials or function tests.
It permits a quick and safe decision-making process for our customers.

Materials Testing

Our modern Department of Materials Engineering is in charge of the creation and refinement of materials and in-process quality assurance. The following tests are performed by our competent and experienced employees in accordance with our customers’ specifications and requirements:

  • Ageing resistance

  • Fire behaviour

  • Alternating climate test

  • Strength/ strain test

  • Heavy rain leak test

If it is additionally requested or necessary for capacity reasons, external tests can be carried out at well-known institutes.

Acoustics Laboratory

Odenwald possesses a wide expertise in acoustics!

Based on our years of experience, we test and optimise new materials in our acoustics laboratory to provide them with better characteristics for sound damping and insulation.

The absorption is measured along the lines of an alpha-cabin and the insulation effect in a window test facility. Our experienced team can also realise acoustic tests with complete vehicles, machines and other assemblies. Recently, ODENWALD has acquired a new impedance tube, which makes it possible to determine the sound absorption and the transmission-loss coefficient of different materials with extremely low effort and in a very effective way.

For the solution of your individual problems, please do not hesitate to contact our team!


Measuring Technology

In addition to a 3D measuring machine, we possess an ultra-modern 3D scanner for non-contact or tactile object survey.

The scanner allows dimensionally accurate quality tests of tools and foam parts.

The scanning of construction space, realised at the customers‘ premises or at the ODENWALD plant, permits the production of accurately fitting prototypes in a short time. Using the 3D scanner software, our design engineers are able to create 3D volume models and then derive a drawing of them according to the customers’ specification.