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ODENWALD’s heat-press moulding and vacuum forming techniques make it possible to create parts with filigree geometrics and closed surfaces. With these processes we obtain contour-stable, closed-cell sealing bodies which do not absorb water.

Even at a low compression level, closed-cell foams have a high sealing effect against draught, dust and humidity. They are resistant to aggressive media and solvents.
Acrylate-impregnated foams have wide versatility. Due to their high capacity of energy absorption, they can be used for sound and vibration damping. The impregnation endows the foam with excellent insulation and sealing characteristics against dust, humidity and draught.

Due to their open-cell structure, polyurethane soft foams are used for the decoupling of components as well as for sound and vibration damping. Because of their good tolerance compensation characteristics, they can be used as permanently elastic buffers or as sealing strips at cut surfaces between components.


Multilayered combinations of fleece materials, textile fabrics and films are combined to a system, which is used in the industrial sector as a thermal insulator or acoustic absorber.