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3D Foam Systems

ODENWALD’s heat-press moulding and vacuum forming techniques make it possible to create parts with filigree geometrics and closed surfaces. With these processes we obtain contour-stable, closed-cell sealing bodies which do not absorb water.

Heat-press moulding/ hot stamping of polyolefine foams (PE, PP) are thermoforming processes for the production of three-dimensional, solid moulding parts using pressure and temperature.


O.C.-PE  -  O.C.-PP


O.C.-Heat-Press Moulding Parts  -  O.C.-Vacuum Formed Parts


  • 3D filler
  • cable grommets and plugs
  • sealings
  • insulation measures

Production techniques

  • heat-press moulding
  • hot stamping
  • milling