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Impregnated Foam Systems

Acrylate-impregnated foams have wide versatility. Due to their high capacity of energy absorption, they can be used for sound and vibration damping.

The impregnation endows the foam with excellent insulation and sealing characteristics against dust, humidity and draught.

The material remains permanently elastic with a high viscoelastic recovery behaviour and is resistant to ageing, rot, chemicals and high temperature fluctuations.


O.C.-FORM    O.C.-FORM "C"    O.C.-FORM 150 UL    O.C.-FORM Acoustic    O.C.-PREN SC   


2D Foam Parts    O.C.-Sealing Tapes


  • absorber

  • acoustic insulation

  • sealings

  • decoupling of components

Production techniques

  • impregnation of polyurethane foams

  • lamination with films, fleeces and adhesives

  • die-cutting in 2D contours

  • water jet cutting

  • cutting

  • profile cutting