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Open-Cell Foam Systems

Due to their open-cell structure, polyurethane soft foams are used for the decoupling of components as well as for sound and vibration damping. Because of their good tolerance compensation characteristics, they can be used as permanently elastic buffers or as sealing strips at cut surfaces between components.

The broad range of densities of polyurethane foam systems permit their application as airborne sound absorber or as pure fillers.

Special coating procedures can be used to improve the tightness and the surface quality. All foams can be provided with a self-adhesive coating individually adapted to the surface.




2D Foam Systems


  • absorber
  • sealings
  • spacers
  • decoupling
  • moulded parts

Production techniques

  • splitting of block foam
  • lamination with films, fleeces and adhesives
  • die-cutting in 2D contours
  • water jet cutting
  • cutting
  • profile cutting