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O.C.-Air Ducts

ODENWALD is the only producer in this sector which is able to produce foam air, water and distribution ducts with three different production techniques: vacuum forming, twin sheet and FPFT. In this way, we take full advantage of the air-duct potential to achieve optimal and cost-effective foam duct applications.

The technological leap from blow-moulding and injection-moulding parts to PE foam solutions is in full swing! Experts prognosticate that the use of PE foam air-duct concepts in all areas of the vehicle construction cannot be stopped.

Air ducts are applied in cars for the vehicle’s air conditioning or heating as well as for water ducting.

They are used in the engine compartment, the instrument panels and centre consoles and in the car body, from the pillars to the roof area and the boot. But they are also used for applications in electric vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Foam ducts offer multiple advantages: they improve the car acoustics, e.g. by reducing the flow noise. This is a great advantage for vehicles in start-stop mode while stationary. Furthermore, warm or cool air can stream into the passenger compartment more easily without causing any disturbing noises. It is also possible to reduce the weight by up to 80 % in comparison with massive blow-moulding parts. Not least, soft foam ducts are able to improve passive pedestrian safety.

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