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O.C.-FORM is a permanently elastic, fine-pored PUR soft foam with an uniform acrylate-impregnation. The impregnation makes it permanently elastic and resistant against ageing, rot, chemicals, heat, cold and wetness.

The material is not electrically conductive and compatible with all metal and metalloid materials. O.C.-FORM is applied as a viscoelastic sealing for heat and sound insulation, for vibration damping, as an insulation against draught, humidity and dust, for acoustic insulation as well as for sound insulation, sound absorption and structure-borne sound damping.



Forms of delivery

  • strips
  • die-cut parts
  • sheets
  • not compressed or pre-compressed
  • with or without self adhesive

Technical specifications

  • density: 80 - 500 kg/m³
  • fire behaviour according to FMVSS 302, DIN 75200