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SEALINGS against air, humidity or dust? - ODENWALD provides the solution.

ODENWALD has a broad product portfolio in the area of sealing systems. The material we use meets the high requirements of the automotive industry and can be employed in the interior as well as in the exterior of the vehicle.

The company uses open and closed-cell as well as acrylate-impregnated foams, which can be optionally equipped with self adhesive and/or a film. Due to the high energy absorption capacity of the materials, they are not only well suited for the use as a sealing but also to equalize tolerances.

Some application examples for sealings:

Sealing against condensation

Sealing air condition unit

closed-cell material - O.C.-ZELL K EPDM, applied in the area of water management

material O.C.-FORM, sealing against humidity for air conditioning units

O.C.-Zell Anwendung