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The O.C.-PE material is suitable for many applications and can be used e.g. for acoustic bulkhead, thermal insulation or as a sealing.Das Material. The foam can also be used for multiple applications in 3D foam systems.

When applied as a sealing, the closed-cell characteristics of polyethylene foams have a high immediate tightness even at a low compression level and can be combined with different types of adhesives. The foam does not absorb humidity, is extremely resistant against rotting and has very good characteristics regarding solvents and aggressive media.

An air duct made of O.C.-PE minimises emanation noises and reduces the acoustic load of air conditioning units.Als Luftkanal minimiert O.C.-PE Strömgeräusche und vermindert die akustische Belastung durch Klimageräte.


O.C.-Heat-Press Moulding Parts  -  O.C.-2D Shaped Parts  -  O.C.-Vacuum formed Parts

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Technical specifications

  • material densities: 25 - 400 kg/m³
  • fire behaviour according to FMVSS 302 / DIN 75200
  • very good resistance against UV and ozone
  • good resistance against water, sea water, ethanol, methanol, brake liquid etc.
  • depending on the design, it meets the requirements of the automotive industry for fogging and odour