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A whole feather-mass system in one product?

Odenwald-Chemie provides the solution! The sound-insulating element Monolayer spring-mass system - O.C.-PREN SC. Our new product O.C.-PREN SC is a foam coated only one side with a special impregnation. It creates a heavy and a lightweight layer which are inextricably bonded in one basic material. This material compound can be used as a lightweight alternative to conventional spring-mass systems (heavy foils back-foamed with PUR-foam) providing the same acoustical characteristics at far lower costs! Due to this innovation, Odenwald has been able to enhance its product portfolio. In addition, it reduces the energy consumption during the manufacturing process as well as the materials requirement, the waste stream and the transport costs.

O.C.-PREN SC meets the requirements for the application in passenger compartments of commercial vehicles, it is resistant to hydrolysis and it complies with the requirements for fire behavior according to FMVSS 302. O.C.-PREN SC allows a very flexible application, as it can be combined with a wide range of adhesives, protective films and cover fleeces.


Application areas:

Indor climate control (HVAC)

Engine compartment/Watermanagement




Customers: Up to 30% weight reduction

Environment: Up to 30% less use of ressources

Economy: Up to 30% cost cutting



O.C.-2D-shaped parts


Product Groups

Open-Cell foam systems




Potential application areas:

Spring-Mass system   Sound Absorption and
Structure Bourne Noise Insulation
  Acoustic Insulation
 Stirnwandblech eng    Schallabsorption und Körperschalldämmung eng    Schalldämmung eng


Forms of delivery

  • sheets
  • with or without self adhesive

Technical specifications

  • suitable for passenger compartments of cars and commercial vehicles
  • hydrolysis and flame resistant
  • meets the requirements for fire behaviour according to FMVSS 302
  • temperature resistance from -40 °C to +120 °C, for a short time up to +150 °C
  • densities: 0.5 - 10 kg/m²
  • material thickness: 5 - 60 mm
  • optional available with adhesive, protective film and cover fleece