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O.C.-FORM 150 acoustic

O.C.-FORM 150 acoustic sets new standards for acoustic insulation.

This material is an accoustically efficient, impregnated polyurethane soft foam, which has been laminated with a special membrane. The special characteristic of this material is a high acoustic absorption already at a very low material thickness of 5.5 mm. The material is not electrically conductive and compatible with all metal and metalloid materials.

Due to its acoustical absorption characteristics, O.C.-FORM 150 acoustic can be applied for acoustic solutions. It is applied for acoustic insulation, sound insulation and structure-borne sound damping.

O.C.-FORM Acoustic

Forms of delivery

  • stripes
  • die-cut parts
  • sheets
  • in combination with different adhesives

Technical specifications

The material has a density of 150 kg/m³.

  • acoustic kurve